WEPA is one of the most important producers of hygienic paper in Europe.

In regard to our clients’ demand for environmental and environment-friendly features, the WEPA company joined together all scientific its resources and technological possibilities in order to create its on-demand products. By focusing on the 100% maximum usage of recycled fibre and cellulose in its production, WEPA concentrates mostly on raw materials and the most advanced production technologies.  Our latest innovations have allowed us to achieve perfect results with minimum impact on the environment. For example, our latest technologies employ paper bleaching and dying processes during which the water used is treated repeatedly and reused again in heating, watering and for other technical purposes.

WEPA recycled paper bears the EU Ecolabel which is recognized in all EU countries.  These bright white and ultra-soft paper products satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.  The 100% recycled cellulose produced by the company bears the FSC Ecolabel and features hybrid fibre (cellulose with recycled paper). Our Hybrid Fair Fiber is a combination of advanced recycled fibre and pure pulp obtained from responsible sources that has specific qualities that allow the production of an eco-friendly but sustainable hygienic paper.  The production facility of the company has received environmental certificates: Blauer Engel, EU-Ecolabel, PEFC and FSC.